Dining Out

There are many eating out places in Port Isaac and the following are just a few of those recommended by our past visitors.

Clustered round the harbour are six interesting restaurants, differing in both architecture and menus.

Nathan Outlaw’s Two Michelin Starred restaurant has now moved to Port Isaac, a minute walk from The Moorings and Little Moorings.

His new, one Michelin starred “Fish Kitchen”,  bistro restaurant is also open to rave reviews and is only a minute walk from Honey Cottage.

“Loved being able to park the car at the top and from the cottage walk to different eating establishments each night. ”


The “Slipway Hotel” overlooks the harbour and dates back to 1547. Meals are served in the hotel and outside on the terrace.

The “Mote” restaurant also lies on the harbour front. Fifteenth century in origin it offers a very warm welcome , as does the “Golden Lion”, the old
village inn.

Further afield , but no more than 10 minutes’ walk away are the Schoolhouse and the Port Gaverne Hotel’s Pilchards Bistro and Stargazy Inn.

A good website for learning more about eating houses in or close to Port Isaac is